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Thai Massage Clinic

105 - 412 Ave C S
Sirius Health Thai Massage Clinic

Fitness Studio

101 - 410 Ave C S
Sirius Health Fitness Studio
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Traditional Thai Massage

Our Location

Our clinic is located in the southwest condo building of The Banks condo development which is directly across Avenue B from the Saskatoon Farmer's Market. The entrance to the clinic is from the centre courtyard of The Banks. Free parking is available on the west side of Avenue C. Paid street parking is available from Avenue A to the east side of Avenue C.


9 a.m. - 9 p.m.


105 - 412 Avenue C South
Saskatoon, SK, S7M 5N7


+1 306 700 5115
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Route 9, Riversdale
On Street

Healthy Ideas

  • Blind Thai Therapists
    Blind Thai Therapists
    Thai Massage given or taught by the blind or by visually impaired therapists has not only become a sought-after massage treatment and training service.
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  • Overseas Travel with Kids
    Overseas Travel with Kids
    If you are considering living outside the country with the kids, here are some tips for making the most of your experience.
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  • Why Calisthenics
    Why Calisthenics
    Here are some reasons why you should try a calisthenics workout plan.
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  • Back Pain and Qigong
    Back Pain and Qigong
    How effective are yoga, tai chi and qigong for back pain?
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  • Minimalist Choices
    Minimalist Choices
    Living a minimalist lifestyle is about making more deliberate choices when it comes to consuming.
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  • Thai Massage and Yoga
    Thai Massage and Yoga
    Traditional Thai Medicine and Indic Traditional Medicine (Ayurveda) and Thai Traditional Medicine share a common ancestry.
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  • Exercises to Conquer
    Exercises to Conquer
    Conquering these exercise goals will not only make you a more fit human, but you'll also have fun doing them.
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  • Post Inguinal Hernia Exercises
    Post Inguinal Hernia Exercises
    When it comes to the exercises that you can perform one or two weeks after having an inguinal hernia surgery surgery, here is what is best for you.
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  • Travel as Single Woman
    Travel as Single Woman
    Here is advice on how to travel as a single woman in your late 20s and deal with the stigma of being single.
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  • Sweet Pea Wellness
    Sweet Pea Wellness
    If you are visiting to Nelson, BC, be sure to visit Vern at Sweet Pea Wellness for a Thai massage. Or visit our Thai Massage Business Directory to find more Canadian Thai massage therapists.
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  • Healthy Valentine's Treats
    Healthy Valentine's Treats
    Here are 8 Valentine's Day recipes that are easy to create for your family, to share with those at the office, or just a treat for yourself.
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  • Life Without Meat
    Life Without Meat
    Can't imagine life without meat? Here are some tips for how to reduce your weekly intake.
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  • Thai Massage and UNESCO
    Thai Massage and UNESCO
    Thai massage, which has already gained global recognition, has now been added to UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list.
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  • The Cause of Irritability
    The Cause of Irritability
    Feeling irritable? There could be a health condition, medical reason, or medication that’s the cause of your irritability.
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  • Get Fit Without Tech
    Get Fit Without Tech
    Technology may have made workout sessions easier using machines, but people were fit long before technology started evolving.
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  • Stop Chasing Harmful Things
    Stop Chasing Harmful Things
    When we chase after something, we take ourselves out of the present moment where life actually happens.
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  • Samadhi Thai Massage
    Samadhi Thai Massage
    If you are visiting to Calgary, AB, be sure to book a Thai massage with Francine at Samadhi Thai Massage. Or visit our Business Directory to find more Canadian Thai massage therapists.
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  • Join Us at WellnessExpo
    Join Us at WellnessExpo
    Join Sirius Health at the Wellness Expo at Prairieland Park this weekend.
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  • Benefits of Getting Outdoors
    Benefits of Getting Outdoors
    Spending time in nature could improve your physical and mental health, ward off illness, and actually make you happier!
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