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Exterior of Sirius HealthExterior of Sirius Health
Indulge yourself at the most innovative spa in Saskatoon! From foot washing, to Thai massage under fibre optic ceilings and beside full length fireplaces, to lemongrass tea, Sirius Health is truly a unique spa experience.

Our Unique Location

Sirius Health is located in the southwest building of The Banks condo development across from the Saskatoon Farmer's Market.
  • Sirius Health exterior
  • Sirius Health reception area
  • Sirius Health reception area
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  • Sirius Health Bamboo room
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What Makes Us Unique

Sirius Health is serious about creating a service that is just for you. From the moment you enter the day spa, you are the complete focus of attention. And rather than rush you out the door, we purposely build extra time into your treatment so that you have time to benefit from your Thai massage.
Footwashing at Sirius Health


+15 Minutes
We allow 15 minutes for you to consult with your therapist, change into massage clothes and have your feet washed. And if you finish early, you have more time for your massage.
Thai massage at Sirius Health


Booked Time
We give you every minute of the time that you book at Sirius Health. Whether you book a 60 minute treatment or a 180 minute package, that time is your time. No exceptions.
Tea and snacks at Sirius Health


+30 Minutes
We have no intention of rushing you out the door. So we allocate a full 30 minutes after every treatment for you to sit down with your therapist for lemongrass tea and snacks.
Ambiance at Sirius Health

Just For You

You do not have to compete for our attention. You will be our only visitor during your visit at Sirius Health. So nothing and no one will interupt your enjoyment of our unique space.

Our Team

Grant Martens

Owner/Thai Massage Therapist
Grant Martens - Owner/Thai Massage Therapist


  • Monday-Saturday:

    9 am - 9 pm

I received my first Thai massage in 2016 when I was traveling across Europe with my family, and was completely amazed by the experience. I loved how active the massage was for both the therapist and the client, and I was surprised by how energized I felt after the therapy. It literally changed my life and led me to Thailand where I completed my training as a therapist.

The emphasis of Thai massage is on body work, joint release and relaxation. Thai massage is often considered comparable to yoga exercises, but in my case, it reminded me of all the partner stretching I did when I trained in Kung Fu during university. And those were good memories.

The benefits of Thai massage are cumulative. It might have taken days, weeks or even years for you to develop your back pain or stiff neck, so it is impossible for one Thai massage to reverse these conditions. As a therapist, my goal is to help you reach a state of well-being and maintain it. My best reward is seeing you take an active part in your healing process.

Florence Scheepers

Thai Massage Therapist
Florence Scheepers - Thai Massage Therapist


  • Monday, Tuesday:

    9 am - 1 pm
  • Wednesday:

    4 pm - 9 pm
  • Thursday:

    9 am - 1 pm
  • Friday:

    4 pm - 9 pm

I am a University of Saskatchewan psychology graduate and kinesiology student. I am a certified personal trainer for the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, yoga teacher, and fitness instructor with the SPRA. I love being outdoors, fine art, and lifting heavy things.

I started exercising by attending group exercise classes at the university gym and was inspired by the instructors, which led me to become certified to teach. After becoming an instructor, I took studies in exercise science and nutrition so I can provide high quality and engaging programs to a diversity of people.

I attended the Thai Massage School of Thailand and will be working at Sirius Health as a Thai massage therapist. I plan to provide care and wellness to others as well as continue with my health and fitness goals.

Our Team

Grant Martens

Owner/Thai Massage Therapist
Grant Martens - Owner/Thai Massage Therapist

Florence Scheepers

Thai Massage Therapist
Florence Scheepers - Thai Massage Therapist
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