How does Thai massage improve posture and body alignment?

The stretches in Thai massage help relax the muscles so that they naturally regain natural flexibility and tone, which helps relieve chronic stiffness and improve mobility.

Use It or Lose It

When you were growing up, chances are you had an adult tell you, "Stand up straight.” “Don’t slouch.” "Keep your shoulders back". As a teen you might have ignored this advice, but body alignment is important. It affects many aspects of your health.

Healthy joints move in distinct patterns that include flexion and extension, left and right lateral flexion, and left and right rotation. When we have a poor posture or live sedentary lives and fail to move through our full range of motion regularly, the muscles of the torso become rigid and resist healthy movement. This can result in:

  • Joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Poor sleep
  • Stress or anxiety

Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai Massage reactivates each joint by moving them through their respective potential movements. This movement helps lubricate the joints by improving the flow of lymph, synovial fluid, and cerebrospinal fluid which, in turn, increases muscular relaxation and elasticity and reduces the effects of adhesions. The increased fluid movement also transports body wastes from within the muscles reducing aches and soreness.

Thai massage also reorients damaged muscle fibre. Healthy muscle fibres flow along a grain, similar to wood, and connect the two ends of the muscle for easy contraction and resiliency. But scar tissue or tissue created by heavy strength training without proper stretching resembles more of a patchwork formation. Fortunately, when the muscle tissue is stretched, the stretch goes all the way to a cellular level that allows the fibres to orient themselves along the grain of the muscle.

Other Benefits

Another benefit of Thai massage is that the stretches help the practitioner not only find muscle tension, but also find imbalances between respective extremities.

Finally, each region of the patient’s body has its own history, some of which may be known to the patient, and some which may be forgotten. Thai massage stretches often remind the patient or bring out new insights that were not remembered during the initial interview.

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