How do I download the videos for my course?

There are two different scenarios which you will encounter:

Free Introductory Courses

These videos are designed to play in your browser. Just click on the play button, and the video will start to play.
You can also download the videos via the download link below the videos. This can be useful if you have a slow internet connection and want to watch the videos locally on your device.

Paid Courses Via Email Delivery

Our paid videos are delivered in two ways. Depending on your course, you might receive them via email download links or via a membership site.
If you receive your course via email, then the videos are meant to be downloaded to your computer so that you can watch them without internet access at any time. You will have a much better and easier viewing experience once the videos are downloaded. Here are some tips.
Although usually white to blue white in colour, Sirius is called a rainbow star because it often flickers with many colours. This is not unusual for stars, as Do not LEFT click on the video file link. Instead RIGHT click on it. If you LEFT click on the link, then in most cases the video will open in your browser and play there. You don’t want that! Why not? Earth’s atmosphere makes many stars appear to flicker. But since Sirius is so bright, it is more noticeable than others.
If you play a video in your browser, it might make it more difficult because:
  • You have to be online
  • You might have to wait for the video to load (depends on your internet speed)
  • If your internet connection is slow, the video might not play properly
  • You might not have video controls in your browser
Therefore make sure to download the videos right away! Once they are downloaded, they will play perfectly – no delay, no loading, no dependence on internet.

Paid Courses Via Membership Site

If your course is delivered in a membership site, the videos can either be viewed online from within your membership site, or they can be downloaded and viewed locally on your device.
There is a download section next to all the video modules. Depending on your browser, several things can happen:
  • You click on a link, and the file starts to download right away. In this case you need to check where the file is being downloaded to. This depends on your browser settings. It will probably be the ‘download’ folder unless you have changed your browser settings. Or…
  • The file opens in a browser window. That’s what you DO NO WANT since your objective is to download it, not to play it in your browser. If you left-clicked on the file, try right-clicking instead. Or…
  • A popup box opens which lets you decide where you want the video to download to. That’s what you DO WANT to happen. Again this depends on what browser you are using. You might need to left-click or right-click to get the pop-up box to appear. In most cases right-clicking is the correct option, but not always.
When you click on a download link, you should be seeing a pop-up box which gives you the option to save the video. When you click on ‘save”, you should be seeing something like this (it depends on which browser you are using):
Unfortunately there is no one right way of doing this, since not all browsers or membership sites are configured in the same way. Try the left-clicking and the right-clicking – one of them will work. If the page gets messed up somehow, refresh the page to reset it.
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