From foot washing to lemongrass tea,
Sirius Health is much more
than traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage

Sirius Health Thai massage services involve a combination of stretching and deep massage using acupressure along the meridian lines of the body to stimulate, disperse and balance the flow or energy, relieve pain, and treat a variety of chronic, acute and degenerative conditions.

Full Body Massage

  • 120 Minute
  • 90 Minute
  • 60 Minute

Head/Foot Massage

  • 30 Minute
  • Common Thai Massage - Inside Line 1 Lower Leg Elbow Press
  • Common Thai Massage - Side Lying Back Massage

Northern Thai Specialties

Sirius Health offers additional two types of massages from Northern Thailand that you can add to any of your Thai massages.

Tok Sen/Herbal Ball Massage

  • 120 Minute
  • 90 Minute

Couples Massage

  • 120 Minute
  • 90 Minute
  • 60 Minute

4 Hand Massage

  • 60 Minute
  • Sirius Health Add-Ons - Herbal Ball
  • Sirius Health Add-Ons - Tok Sen

Sirius Spa Packages

For those who want to take the time to truly indulge in our spa services, Sirius Health offers a massage package that lets you fully relax under our stars.

Northern Style

Our signature package! Indulge in a 180 minute massage that combines Thai massage with Tok Sen and Herbal Ball treatments.
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