Thai Massage

120 Minute Massage

This full 120 minute (2 hour) treatment allows us to move at a slower to pace to accommodate pain sensitive issues or we can offer a systemic treatment to nudge your body back towards balance.

90 Minute Massage

In the 90 minute (1.5 hour) massage we offer a more systemic treatment to nudge your body back towards balance and target specific areas of concern with deep acupressure and focused attention.

60 Minute Massage

The 60 minute (1 hour) Thai massage will stimulate your body's natural healing ability as we move your body through a sequence of rhythmic acupressure to muscles and energy lines with yoga-like stretches.

30 Minute Head Massage


30 Minute Foot Massage



Northern Style Special

Our signature package! Indulge in a 180 minute (3 hour) massage that combines a traditional Thai massage with Tok Sen and Herbal Ball treatments.

90 Minute 4 Hand

In a four-hands massage, two therapists work on one client, often using synchronized moves. A four-hands massage can be like experiencing two full body massages at the same time.

120 Minute Herbal Ball

Spoil yourself with a 120 minute (2 hour) Thai massage that adds traditional herbal therapy to relieve pain and inflammation.

120 Minute Tok Sen

Treat yourself to a 120 minute (2 hour) Thai massage that utilizes a wooden mallet and wedge made from the wood of a tamarind tree. Sen lines are tapped with the mallet to create a resonating, healing vibration.

90 Minute Tok Sen


90 Minute Tok Sen



Enjoy a Thai massage with your significant other, friend or family member. You may choose to be in the same treatment room, or receive simultaneous Thai massages in separate treatment rooms.

120 Minute Couples


90 Minute Couples


60 Minute Couples

Sirius Health Gift Cards

Gift Cards

If you can’t decide what to buy and think your loved one, friend or colleague might prefer to choose their own Sirius Thai treatments, give them an E-Gift Card. We have two types of card - an E-Gift card that you can purchase now and email to the recipient and a physical Gift Card that you can buy in our spa.
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